Rabbit Books and Guides

Rabbit Books and Guides

It is not that easy to find the right rabbit owner among the numerous guides. Almost every rabbit owner has bought books with misleading information or unhelpful tips before he has a good book. Therefore this site is to help to find helpful, current councilors with good information. We have tested many rabbit books and can recommend the following guides.

Typical dwarf rabbit – The key to your rabbit’s soul

This book about rabbits is far away from all the other guides about rabbits on the bookstores. It is my absolute favorite book about rabbits!

The book describes with wonderful, enchanting photos and a very sensitive writing style how rabbits really are and derive attitude tips from it.

Unfortunately, the nourishing part is not completely on current conditions, but it describes at least an acceptable nourishing way. However, the book does justice to all rabbit behaviors and makes readers aware that rabbits are wonderful animals, even if they are neither suitable for cuddling nor belong in a cage.

The book opens a whole new form of guide and is worlds away from all the other guides on the market.

Living with rabbits

Who looks for a small, beautifully put on and favorable counselor, which contains all corner information to the rabbit attitude, is well advised with this councilor. The basic features of the attitude of rabbits are described briefly and succinctly. The experienced owner, who already occupied himself with the species-appropriate rabbit attitude in its basic features, will find however little new and contentwise also smaller errors are contained.

This guide book is suitable also as gift or recommendation, in order to clear up over the kind-fair attitude of rabbits.

Clicker training for rabbits, guinea pigs & Co.

Especially indoors, employment can be very important for rabbits. Hardly any book deals with this important topic. With this guidebook, you have a great guide for the meaningful occupation by means of clicker training at hand. Very recommendable!

Keeping, caring for and understanding rabbits in a species-appropriate manner

A rabbit guide, which is not only beautifully arranged and handy but also all important information clearly ready holds and competently about all topics around the rabbit informs. The counselor is on current conditions and treats all relevant topics for the house rabbit attitude. the authoress is surely well-known to some owners by its Internet side bunny in.

Rabbits in an outdoor enclosure

With this small and inexpensive book, the author has created an excellent guide for rabbits and dwarf rabbits who should live in the garden.

I can recommend the book particularly humans, who plan an external attitude or would like themselves rabbit in the garden to hold and a small, favorable and clear counselor to the garden attitude look for.

Play and living ideas for dwarf rabbits

This guide offers many great tips and tricks for owners who are looking for ideas to get even more involved with their rabbit and to challenge the dwarf rabbit. This guide is also ideal to challenge and properly equip indoor rabbits.

From Kaninhop without leash over food games up to many furnishing ideas, everything is there. A little manual skill and tools are presupposed.

Species-appropriate attitude – a basic right also for (dwarf) rabbits

A book that especially helps the outside keepers with the enclosure planning and contains good ideas who keeps his rabbits outside or plans outside keeping, should not do without this work. The book also contains numerous building instructions, including open top enclosures, walkable flat enclosures, and the pyramid enclosure invented by the author. The nutrition and disease part is less recommendable.

The posture part is magnificent. This book revolutionized rabbit keeping and showed that rabbits cannot be locked in a 1 m cage.

The authoress was a pioneer in the topic “kind-fair rabbit attitude” and for this standard work large acknowledgment earned.

Living with rabbits

Living with rabbits is probably the best rabbit guide available on the market so far. It covers all topics: Attitude (inside and outside attitude), nutrition, behavior, diseases

Unlike other guides, this book is well researched, even if it contains a few small mistakes, you can overlook them because the overall impression is right.

The author knows many rabbit owners as the foundress of the Nager-Info or “die brain”. The book also contains the feed list of this page.

Who would like a counselor without many Fehlkäufe, which covers simply all topics reliably and extensively and explains well, that is well advised with this book.

Plant identification – Your herbal guide for you and your rabbits

A great destination book especially for rabbits, which lovingly prepared expert information lists. Design, content, and photos are outstanding and it is one of the few books that contain no misinformation about the edibility of plants. That is why we make an absolute purchase recommendation.

Kosmos Plant Guide, The Great Cosmos Nature Guide Animals and Plants etc.

A flush plant identification book, which facilitates the identification of classical native plants on the basis of photos. The determination puts the emphasis on the flower. The Cosmos Plant guides are popular and good.

Edible wild plants

The best guide that I know, because it allows determination even outside the flowering period and contains all the (inconspicuous) weeds. It is available cheaply from Weltbild, where it was a new edition.

Rabbit Health

Why do domestic rabbits so often suffer from dental and digestive problems?

A convincing work on rabbit nutrition from the point of view of an experienced veterinarian. For all owners, who want to know it exactly and inform themselves comprehensively to the backgrounds, illnesses released by nourishing errors and different feeding possibilities, this book can be recommended. It offers well understandable, technically founded information approximately around the correct nutrition of rabbits. When reading it becomes clear that it concerns here a work, which was written with much commitment, interest, and love for the rabbits.

Rabbits would buy the meadow Keeping and feeding dwarf rabbits – Information for dedicated owners

This book focuses on rabbit nutrition and other topics such as husbandry and health and is unique in that it explains why the natural food of rabbits (meadow) is an irreplaceable feed. Particularly the compiled basic information should have read each owner once, even if some conclusions are certainly worth discussing. I can only recommend this work to the “committed rabbit keeper”, even if certainly not all information contained should be taken over unfiltered.

Leading symptoms in rabbits – Diagnostic guide and therapy

A medical book that was not originally written for the layman. However, as it contains numerous illustrations, photos, tables, etc., it is also very easy for the layman to understand (without medical prior knowledge). Who always wanted to have a book, which contains all diseases, which a rabbit can get, is very well advised with this book. Rabbit beginners will find it dry, one has however already experience with various illnesses or several animals (particularly also emergency stations, Tierheime etc.), then one will devour it. the book is sorted according to symptoms, thereby also the layman finds fast the appropriate illnesses and can even in the case of doubt the arising symptoms in the book search and already once estimate, which come for illnesses into question. Thus the book can help also very well to recognize diseases faster. In addition, the book makes possible to look the veterinary surgeon exactly on the fingers. It mentions key examinations, causes and treatment options.

The price is worthwhile in any case, even if it is high. The quality of the book justifies it three times. Who always wanted to know “more about rabbit diseases” should buy this book.

Wild Health – Health from the Wilderness

A slightly different book on health. The book is dedicated to the topic: Health in the Wilderness. What do wild animals do when they are sick? The book shows in a unique way, what health actually is and offers a deep understanding, which lets the own attitude and nutrition once again basically turn around… Very exciting to read. It deals with topics like self-medication and all kinds of diseases. If I could choose a book that I would give to any rabbit owner, it would be this one.