Holiday care

Holiday care

Many owners make themselves before the acquisition of their rabbit’s thoughts to a species-appropriate vacation care for their rabbits. At the latest, however, when the first vacation lines up, each responsible animal owner will look for a good support.

The abandoning of animals is by the way punishable and cruelty to animals because most house rabbits do not survive in nature because those are used to the human supply. The abandonment of animals is punished with penalties.

Rabbit Sitter Info

Print this manual for your rabbit sitter on both sides and fold it in the middle. Your sitter will be well informed this way.

Print rabbit sitter passport

Rabbit guesthouses

Here we collect animal boarding houses and animal sitters, which offer a care, which accommodates and cares for the animals cage-free and as usual.

All details may have changed in the meantime, so please arrange everything with the rabbit boarding house personally!

There are several possibilities

The supply by family members, neighbors, friends & acquaintances

Many rabbit owners have people around them who reliably take care of the rabbits when they travel themselves. Ideally, the rabbits are cared for in their familiar environment, but can also go to the caretaker if necessary.

House & Pet sitting

A further possibility is the so-called Pet sitting, with which a responsible person looks after the animals (and if necessary also the house). Many animal sitters offer to stop by 1-2 times a day or to look after the animals. Animal sitters are liable to pay costs and usually calculate according to expenditure (time) and of course also the travel costs.

Animal pension, small animal hotel & rabbit pension

There are animal boarding houses all over the country, where you can bring your own rabbits after prior, timely registration. Animal boarding houses are liable to pay costs and usually charge a flat rate per animal and day.

Register animal boarding houses?

We will gladly make further contacts if they offer a cage/stable-free housing and usual nutrition. I am pleased about the references of content rabbit owners and pension owners. Contact via the imprint. A requirement on the admission in this list does not exist.


We have drawn up this list according to the information available to us, in order to make it easier for owners to find a species-appropriate holiday accommodation. If some guesthouses on the list do not offer cage and stable-free housing with 24-hour outdoor enclosures, please give us a short feedback so that we can improve the list. The other details about the pensions are a snapshot of their construction and may have changed over time. Please discuss the details and the cage-free accommodation before booking.