The posture of rabbits is unfortunately not as undemanding as it is often portrayed. As a keeper one should inform oneself comprehensively, in order to become fair them.

Rabbits need a lot of space

Cages and stables are not suitable for keeping rabbits.

Rabbits have an immense urge to move, which is comparable with a cat. With commercial stables or cages, one does not do them justice. They can jump over a meter high, turn around in the jump, sprint at 60km/h and hit hooks at lightning speed. Our animal protection law prescribes that the attitude must be so dimensioned that they can live out their natural behavior. Therefore they need a several square meters large enclosure on the balcony, in the garden or in the apartment as living space instead of a cage or stable. So they can show their entire behavior repertoire and the owner can observe this very beautifully.

Minimum dimensions for rabbits

Rabbits are alternating

Even at night, rabbits must not be kept in the stable or cage.

Rabbits also need a lot of space at night, because as change-active animals they do not sleep at night, but are extremely active especially in the late evening and early morning hours. In the cage they will gnaw at the bars in despair, make noise or scratch around and get bored. Therefore, one should plan a real habitat in an enclosure for them from the outset.

Rabbits need conspecifics

A single payment is not animal-friendly

Rabbits are highly social animals, about 50% of their behavior are social behaviors that are only possible with a partner animal. A single attitude offends against our animal-protection-law. Therefore, they should be held in pairs or in small groups.

Which animals fit together?

How do I socialize correctly?

Are there incompatible rabbits and if yes, what to do?

Frequent socialization mistakes

Why is single keeping cruel to animals?

Housing on the balcony, in the garden or in the apartment?

All three types of housing are generally possible.


Who has a garden, should decide for the outside attitude. A large, varied enclosure for the night and a meadow run for the day make keepers and rabbits happy. The behaviour can be observed ideally and the animals are busy and active.

Outdoor keeping – what to look out for?

Outdoor enclosure construction – tips and tricks

Marten safety: Which material protects against wild animals and escape?

Buddelschutz: What is suitable for it?

Buy outdoor enclosures: If you don’t want to build it yourself

Freewheel and discharge

Outdoor posture photo examples


If you don’t have a garden or have sick rabbits, you may have to choose the indoor position. Also in interior attitude rabbits can be held cage-free and kind-fairly. There is the possibility to hold the rabbits freely in the dwelling and to accustom to the toilet, or to furnish however a room and/or enclosures for them.

Housing: A rabbit kingdom in the apartment


Apartment enclosure photo examples

Securing the apartment (announcements, dangerous objects, cables…)

Rabbit in tenancy law

Building a housing enclosure

Balcony posture

An alternative to the housing attitude, which offers more environmental impressions to the rabbits and preserves the dwelling, is the balcony attitude. Ideally, the whole balcony is secured, or at least an enclosure is built on the balcony.

Balcony keeping

Balcony enclosure photo examples