Initial equipment for rabbits

Initial equipment for rabbits

Basic equipment & shopping list

Rabbits are to move in and the anticipation is great? Then here is a list that will help you, so you will not forget anything. Click on the links to read what to pay attention to when shopping and using it.

Tip: Before you buy, check this page thoroughly.

  • At least two rabbits: rabbits – where to buy, where not?
  • Transport box
  • Rabbit book


  • Hay rack
  • Drinking bowl (stable ceramic, no bottle!)
  • Bedding
  • At least one  cottage per rabbit
  • Establishment for the enclosure


  • Plucking brush for long-haired rabbits
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Claw scissors
  • Vinegar essence or citric acid for cleaning (remove urine scale in toilets)


  • Hay
  • Vegetable or meadow, kitchen herbs
  • Healthy dry food (if it is really necessary)
  • Treats ( which are suitable? )
  • Branches

Posture in the apartment:

  • A fencing for an indoor enclosure (no cage!)
  • Wall protection
  • Toilets / sinks cage / cat litter
  • PVC floor as underlay
  • Buddelkiste

Posture in the garden:

  • A marten-proof outdoor enclosure ( purchased or self-built )
  • Refuge (never lock in rabbits)
  • A sufficiently high fence for the day freewheel
  • Possibly. a pond net or fruit tree net ( Tagfreilauf )
  • Buddelschutz for Tagfreilauf and the night enclosure

Posture on the balcony:

  • A balcony enclosure
  • Bothy
  • Buddelkiste