If the rabbit is to be brought to the veterinarian or to the holiday care, then the correct transport is very important.

Rabbits can be accustomed to the box a bit, e.g. if you want to bring them regularly into the garden. In any case, avoid carrying rabbits around all the time, e.g. because the outdoor area does not border on the night enclosure. Rabbits are not suitable for this. Rabbits are flight animals and therefore only feel safe in their familiar surroundings. In case of fright, rabbits flee blindly in their familiar surroundings, this is only possible if they are not moved. Likewise, they should not be constantly exposed to car transport, e.g. because you can take the animal with you on short weekend trips. Rabbits are very susceptible to stress as well as being scattered and transport in the car associated with the new environment puts them under chronic, often invisible stress, which can lead to illness and behavioural problems.

  • Use a sufficiently large transport box so that your rabbit can turn around, straighten up, lie down and travel in pairs.
  • Choose a non-slip surface (carpet, carpet, thicker fabric).
  • Place fresh fodder and soft hay (otherwise risk of injury to the eyes!) in the transport container.
  • If necessary, cover the box if it has a larger grille at the top or side or if the rabbit is transported by public transport. This reduces external stimuli, because rabbits travel more stress-free if they have a “cave feeling” and feel protected from above.
  • If possible, always transport the rabbits in pairs.
  • Secure the box in the car so that it does not fly around when braking.
  • Air-condition the car or drive early in the morning or late in the evening or in cool weather. If this is not possible: place cooling batteries under the box, wet towels on top, protect the transport box from draughts and ventilate intensively.
  • In order to take the fear of the transportbox away from the rabbits, you can set them up regularly in the enclosure as shelter. Otherwise it will only be associated with unpleasant transports and visits to the vet.

Which transport box is ideal for rabbits?

Our recommendations

Sufficiently large transport boxes that can be opened from above and to the side are ideal.