Buying an angora rabbit

Buying an angora rabbit

Buying a rabbit often takes place under the assumption that Angora rabbits are easy to care animals, which not only like to cuddle, but are also happy in a small cage in the corner of the room alone.

These myths are their downfall, because rabbits are anything but easy to care for and have similar needs to cats or dogs. An owner will only be happy with them if he knows what he is getting into the house with a rabbit. Buying an angora rabbit in particular must be carefully planned. Angora rabbits need regular care like trimming their hairs.

Wrong motives for buying a rabbit & Considerations before the arrival of rabbits

  • My child wants a pet.
  • A dog or a cat is too expensive, therefore we decided to buy a rabbit.
  • I don’t have much space, rabbits are just the right animals.
  • We chose rabbits for Easter, which is also ideal for children.
  • A friend of mine has rabbit babies and asked me if I would like to have one.
  • Rabbits are just sweet as sugar, I have to have one!

Reasonable reasons for keeping rabbits

  • I (and my child) want to keep an animal. I am aware that I have full responsibility for the care. Do I really want a rabbit for my child?
  • I like watching animals very much – I like rabbits very much. I could watch them for hours!
  • I enjoy designing the habitat for rabbits and watching them explore the facility.
  • I feel like dealing with the rabbits several times a day, taking care of them and looking after them.
  • I enjoy the cautious approach attempts of these shy animals and am glad, if I win their confidence.
  • I like to knit for my life and so I get the best natural angora wool.

What should be clarified before buying a rabbit…

  • Do all persons living in the household look forward to the rabbits and living with them?
  • Does nobody in the household have an allergy to hay (grass!), rabbit hairs, straw or dust?
  • Is it possible to have someone take care of the rabbits during my absence (holiday & illness)? Do I have a holiday care for rabbits?
  • Do I have the financial means to realize a rabbit keeping and to take care of it over years? Can I afford the veterinary costs if something unexpected happens?
  • Do I have enough time to take care of the rabbits several times a day and pleasure to deal with them?
  • If the rabbits should live in the flat: Does my landlord agree with the rabbit keeping?

What to expect when buying a rabbit…

  • Angora rabbits become 6-12 years old. Can I imagine that I will still be able to care for them optimally every day in 10 years?
  • Rabbits make a lot of dirt, especially indoors. Can I live with flying litter & lying clots?
  • Rabbits are interactive and therefore also on the move at night. I don’t mind them gnawing loudly at night, playing catch, clambering around and pushing bowls around? (At night they should not live in the bedroom or children’s room!)
  • Rabbits need as much space as a cat. Can I imagine a close coexistence with rabbits or am I willing to provide them with a large living space separately and do I have enough space for doing so?

Where can I buy the right rabbits for me?

Please inform yourself beforehand exactly where you buy an angora rabbit, because the wrong origin can have devastating consequences (e.g. hereditary defects, introduced diseases, incorrect advice…). Often you also support dubious breeders and cruel mass propagations with your purchase. Under no circumstances should angora rabbits be bought from the pet shop, from a bad breeder, on small animal markets or private (nursery) reproduction!

Why can’t I buy my rabbit at the pet shop?

People looking for young or also older animals, which are supplied veterinary and are already castrated, are very well advised in most animal shelters and emergency stations. Also private taxes of adult rabbits or a serious breeder (the keeping, feeding and care as well as the knowledge about breeding must be right!) can lead to the right rabbit. Pay attention with young animals to the minimum age of 10 (better 12) weeks. Living that long with their mother ensures a good socialization of the rabbits.

How much does an angora rabbit cost?

For the committed owner, it is important to know what the costs will be before buying a rabbit. No one would like to sit in front of a sick rabbit and find out that he did not count on veterinarian costs at all…

Non-recurring acquisition costs

Depending on the origin of the angora rabbits, a nominal fee or a purchase price is to be expected when buying a rabbit. Most pets are already castrated, so that they are cheaper to buy than animals, where both the purchase price and the castration costs are due to the new owner.

  • Animal shelter couple: from $60 (already castrated).
  • Pet shop, breeder: from $30 + castration (from $40) = min. $70.
  • Two rabbits inhousing (housing security, enclosure, equipment, accessories): approx. $100-350.
  • Two rabbits kept in a garden (marten-proof enclosure, furnishings, accessories, garden protection): approx. $300-1500.

Monthly costs for two angora rabbits

  • Food (hay, freshfood, dried herbs…), rough value $1 per day and animal.
  • Bedding (woodpellets / small animal bedding / straw for the toilets, full bedding much more expensive) approx. $4-15.

Annual veterinary costs for angora rabbits

Approx. $10-80 for two healthy rabbits (vaccination (approx. §30-40/year/animal), faecal sample before vaccination, shorten claws…).

In case of illness you will quickly reach the three-digit range, so please always set aside approx. 200 Dollars! If the veterinary costs should exceed this price, one can usually agree an installment payment. Diseases are not calculable. With good care and nutrition, some rabbits never become ill, others have chronic illnesses.