Small animals with big claims!

We would like to provide useful information and practical tips on healthy feeding, welfare and combating common rabbit diseases to enable interested rabbit owners to live happily together with happy rabbits.

Newborn angora rabbit babys on Christmas day

Do you want to buy angora rabbits?

Angora rabbits are very special animals; each individual has its own unique character. They can reach a proud age of up to 12 years, if they are kept species-appropriate, healthy nourished and with proper veterinary care. That’s why it’s even more important for you to consider whether angora rabbits are the right animals for you and whether you want to share their lives with them for the next decade. 

Often the immense space requirement is underestimated, rabbits must be able to beat and sprint. For this they need a large area. Also, the food procurement is not very modest, as they should get a larger amount of fresh green food every day. Think about whether you can pay for the costs, even if a severe incidence of illness should occur.

 And last but not least: It is very important to intensively read the posture of the posing animals so that typical posture mistakes can be avoided.

How to raise rabbit correctly

Wrong handles when lifting or carrying cause angora rabbits to become very shy. Angora rabbits should not be raised in everyday life. Instead, sit down on the floor and stroke them. Lifting is always a panic, because they think they are being captured. If the animal needs to be examined, for vacation care or to the veterinarian, then these handles are suitable.